Humble G to Perform LIVE at Tequila Fest Cleveland 2016

Tequila Fest has added yet another live performer for the day. Humble G The Fiddla will be at our event and will blow your mind with his amazing skills on violin

Pick out the most desirable characteristics in a young entertainer make them talented, charismatic, versatile, and driven to succeed. Then, add eagerness to learn, appreciation of others and a sincere wish to remain (as his moniker proclaims,) “Just a humble guy” and you’ll have Myles Alexander Keaton Smith, better known throughout the world as Humble G Tha Fiddla. Although he attended Cleveland School of The Arts, he is primarily a self taught violinist. His boyish good looks and reputation as being multi talented could have easily blown up his head. However, that didn’t happen. instead there was steady growth that transformed him into a promising Violinist/Hip-hope artist. He understands his gifts and the responsibility to use them in a productive manner. Not only is his violin playing captivating, but his skills as an MC are refreshing and on point. “I am true to who I am.” “I am an artist that can perform positive constructive music not being too preachy, corny or full of profanity and at the same time earn acceptability in today’s musical audience”, he intones thoughtfully. Don’t believe him? Then just listen to the inspirational song “Brothers Keeper” or check out the lyrics on one of his songs for the ladies called “Ride For Me”. However, there are two sides to every coin, and this is where Humble’s alter ego “Tha Fiddla” comes into play. No matter how noble a person may be, there is still no such thing as a perfect person, and this is what tha Fiddla represents; the more aggressive side of Humble G. Humble is a partner in Global Entertainment Inc. a Cleveland based Entertainment Company that focuses on intellectual/inspirational forms of entertainment. He is their premier artist. The styles of music he does are Edutainment (educating while entertaining), Hip-hope (positive, conscious responsible hip hop-purpose music) and Afripean music (African drums with European strings).

By being such a diverse artist he is able to reach a wide audience range bridging the gaps of all races and ages. Once you hear the music you have to see his performance. Lets face it its not everyday you see an artist rapping/singing then pick up the violin and start playing over hip-hop tracks and do it well. He delivers high energy shows with a unique twist. With over 500 performances under his belt humble uses his experiences and learning from his past mistakes as valuable lessons to aid in the future path of his career. Humble considers himself an inspiration to a new generation of musical talent who want to do positive entertainment. Be on the lookout for his mix tape One Of A Kind (over 3500 downloads) his EP – RSVP (Rapper, Singer, Violinist, Producer) coming out soon everywhere and his forthcoming album “Undeniable” to be released and promoted internationally late summer 2016. Also humble is a firm believer in giving back. He has a Stop The Hate tour where he travels to schools throughout north east Ohio where he promotes the message of anti bullying and the fact that we are all connected. In one particular performance humble had the opportunity to open up for Barack Obama in Cleveland,Ohio with over 7,000 people attending.

Most of all his artistic temperament is funneled through a generous and loving spirit that says, Be Wise, Be Confident but above all, Be humble.


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