Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland Has Been Chosen This Year

We decided that we can absolutely not have an event of this magnitude without giving back to those in need.

When we heard 1 in 5 Clevelanders face hunger, which means 4 in 5 can help. Tequila Fest Cleveland stepped in to bring awareness and support to this incredible organization and hope you feel the same way too.

The mission of the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland is to reduce hunger by providing food and linkages to other vital services for hungry people, especially children and families, and by actively participating in a coordinated community response to people in need.  Make A Donation

*We cannot change the world – we can only improve today. 
Hunger is as old as biology. It may always be with us. There is only who we can help today, now. Therefore, in contrast to so many health and human service non-profits, our mission is not to change the world or to eliminate the problem. It is only to improve the wellness and well-bring of the individuals we serve in any way that we can.
Our cause is not hunger – it is people, their potential and their quality of life. What we do improves wellness and well-being. What we do safeguards potential.
The Hunger Network is in the business of nourishing – today. With  82 hunger centers strategically placed throughout Cuyahoga County, we nourish Cleveland by nourishing Clevelanders.
A team of only 9 employees, along with 30 dedicated Board of Trustee members, strive to fortify our community and safeguard future success.


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