Karate Cowboy Being Sampled at Tequila Fest Cleveland 2016

Columbus, Ohio based Karate Cowboy is a true combination of Eastern and Western cultures as we take an American White Whiskey and infuse it with Japanese Sake. These two profiles play very well with each other making a smooth and floral base to create a great canvas to explore bold flavors. We started with our original Honey Wasabi flavor to bring sweet and spicy in a whole new way and are now bringing the flavor fusion to life with our Ginger Mint flavor.

Our co-founder, Mark Tinus, is an Ohio State grad who spent over a decade working with large players in the alcohol industry and is now committed to bring true innovation to the forefront taking advantage of their start up flexibility and nimbleness. This is another step in their journey to introduce new twists on the conventional staying true to the Karate Cowboy fusion mission to bring new experiences to life.

How to experience:
This smooth 33% alcohol formula have bold Ginger/Mint and Honey/Wasabi combinations to be experienced chilled straight or over an ice cube, but perfect for making simple cocktails. Prepare for a delicious twist on the Margarita, Mojito, Mule and Mint Julep and a signature Ginger Mint Lemonade for the warmer season. Tons of different options all coming from one bottle of liquor with simple mixers, crafty cocktails poured simply. Check out our website (www.karatecowboyspirit.com) for the full list of recipes launching at the end of April with our relaunch of the site, and write us with your own creations to share with the entire Karate Cowboy posse. Live the mantra and Explore Don’t Follow!

Tasting Notes:
We have designed a White Whiskey infused with Sake to create a very smooth, floral and naturally sweet base that doesn’t have the typical ethanol burn of a high proof spirit. Our Honey Wasabi flavor is made to take you on a flavor journey starting with the upfront sweetness of Honey and transitioning half way through into the building burn of Wasabi. Our Ginger Mint is made for the Ginger lovers out there with a bold spicy finish that can cut through any cocktail build.



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